I am Xiaoxiao Lei and I live in Beijing, China. I am currently working in tech company that provides fund management platform for fund managers. I previously worked in New Oriental as a teacher & planner and then transfered to work as developer. My passion resides in AI. This Blog shares AI learning materials and interesting projects. I would like to discuss AI topic with AI learners.

My AI Learning Experience

I am currently learning AI from vast available online resources. I have taken Machine Learning course on Coursera and first two courses in the series at deeplearning.ai. I am learning CS 229 to get a deeper understanding of the algorithms. I will continue to learn AI and build some interesting applications that can improve people’s lives.


I had robot programming experience from primary school to high school and won some rewards, such as Champion in Tsinghua Robot National Cup. It ignited my passion for learning computer science and built my algorithmical thinking. In recent years, I have learned algorithm courses, as well as participated in some software development to accumulate experience and hone skills, such as a chatbot on Wechat. I have coding experience in Python, Javascript, Java, C#, R, and VB. I will continue my pursuit in CS and AI.

The Chatbot Program

The chatbot program I participated in was to use Node.js to develop a chatbot application on Wechat as an ordering application. Our clients were suppliers whose customers make orders from them. The advantage of the chatbot is to allow users directly and precisely tell the bot what they want within one line of key words and an order is made. At the same time, the interface is shallow: users just need to follow the company’s public account and type in the order, without the need to download an app or open webpages.